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Anna Corba's product line was formed out her desire to create artful objects which are both handmade and functional.

Using her cache of vintage ephemera, Anna specializes in creating new versions of seemingly simple items...vintage bottles, lined notebooks, shipping tags and candle jars are among these.

Her workshops were created to share both her collections and her aesthetic, giving students an opportunity to discover their own sense of vintage style within various media, while also being immersed within inspiring environments.

A peek inside her studio reveals bowls of ribbon and muffin tins holding buttons, dice and scrabble letters A dusty pink colander brimming with softened lace and luscious trim sits atop a set of
drawers housing vintage sheet music, French postcards and handmade paper. Antique cigar boxes gather rubber stamp sets among shelves lined with timeworn books.

These are the objects Anna returns to time and again for inspiration and sustenance. She says, "Dipping my hands into the wealth of this beauty, I feel anchored to something larger than myself, able to see past what already exists, into a vast opening of possibility...."


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